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It takes approximately 7-10 total training years to become a Provost.

a) Must compose a book of personal interpretations covering every foot combat play from one of the major German fechtbücher.

i) The defense of this book will involve a Q&A session with an instructor lasting several days. The prospective Provost must be able to explain and defend their intepretation of every play from the fechtbuch.

b) Must have taught at least one complete cycle of the Techniques and Academics classes.

c) Must have achieved the equivalent rank of Apprentice in a 13th-17th century European combat discipline outside of our system.

d) Must have successfully mentored a student from Scholar to Free Scholar rank.

e) Must have served as a guest instructor at another school or as a presenter at a regional or national event.

f) Must have written a long paper or book on a HEMA-related topic. This paper must be presented to the students in a special series of classes and submitted for review to a group of experts consisting of recognized authorities from outside the school.

g) Upon completion of all requirements, the Free Scholar will be declared a Provost. A Provost can engage in unsupervised free play with all weapons.

h) A new Provost must choose a student to mentor from Free Scholar to Provost.

i) At some point, Provosts who have become Full Instructors will be expected to start their own AoA affiliate school in another region and teach the AoA curriculum.

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