Academy of Arms



AoA uniform patches are used to designate rank and commendations.

1 silver star = Apprentice
2 silver stars = Scholar
3 silver stars = Free Scholar
4 silver stars = Provost

Silver stars are upgraded to gold stars once a student has served as an instructor and taught a full cycle of that curriculum. For example, a new Apprentice would wear a single silver star, but that silver star would be upgraded to a gold star once that Apprentice has taught the full Apprentice curriculum to Novices.

Crimson clusters represent commendations. These are earned when a student helps the school by doing something above and beyond the call of duty.

Uniform patches are required to be placed on specific places of the long-sleeved shirt. These are the specifications:

1) Stars are placed off the left shoulder, centered on the vertical seam and 1/2" below the horizontal seam.

2) Clusters are placed on the left side of the collar. The first cluster is placed 1/4" forward of the shoulder seam, centered vertically in the collar area. Additional clusters are placed 1/4" from the last, working toward the throat area of the collar. Be advised that the collar has a natural curve so the line of clusters will follow that curve.

See the picture below for an example of patch placement...

AoA rank insignia

Shirts that have patches should be washed inside out.


All patches have a heat application backing. Using a hard flat surface, iron the patch on with a cotton setting. DO NOT use the steam setting (remove water from the iron). Press and hold for approximately 30 seconds. After heat is applied, the patch should be permanently adhered to the shirt (if not, apply heat again for an additional 20-30 seconds). Allow to cool. Turn the shirt inside out and apply heat to the back of the design for approximately 20 seconds.


A student's initial set of patches is free. Every year after that, students can order a free replacement set. If patches must be replaced before a year has passed, or the student wishes to equip a second uniform shirt, all patches can be purchased at a cost of $3 per patch.

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